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What is Japanese Structural Acupuncture?

Japanese Structural Acupuncture or Seitai Shinpo, is a contemporary acupuncture technique, integrating a unique Japanese needling style with western, orthopedic knowledge. Seitai Shinpo means, correct, body, needle method. It was created by Dr. Daiichi Sorimachi in the 1970's. The purpose of this method is to identify and treat structural disharmony within the body, allowing for improved posture and a healthy flow of nerves and blood to reach all organs and tissues.

To the traditional Japanese culture, proper breath and right living from ones center was vital to a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this treatment is to help the body return to its natural center of gravity in order to optimize function and health. Seitai Shinpo  has proven to be an effective treatment for both chronic and acute pain and can have remarkable results, often being felt within the first few treatments.


About Kona Clinic Of Acupuncture


Jason Wiley received his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii. While there he completed an additional four year apprenticeship program under Dr. Chieko Maekawa.

Jason has been practicing Seitai Shinpo since 2012 and is passionate about using this powerful method of acupuncture, since he gets to hear from his patients every day in clinic just how effective it can be.